Thoughts on Marriage

I finally take a stab at Video Blogging.

As one who supports Constitutional Limited Government and one who holds firm to Traditional Biblical Family Values…what should the government do about Gay Marriage rights? Who defines “Marriage”? Why is the government involved to begin with?

The point that I am trying to emphasize here isn’t on the morality of Homosexuality (though I define my position on the morality of it) but rather to propose a position on the roll of government. SPOILER: I do find it ironic that some of those that scream the loudest about the need for small limited government want to use the might and force of government to enforce their morality.

Whenever the government gets involved in areas it is not suppose to participate there are ALWAYS unintended consequences. On a quick thought here is why I don’t want the government involved:

  1. They redefine marriage. So I as a Christian am then approached a few years from now by someone wanting me to marry him and his boyfriend. I in good conscience cannot do that. Am I now liable to discrimination or hate crimes?
  2. Flip side: They uphold the traditional definition of marriage. Then there are people that receive government benefits that others do not receive because of who their partner is. This seems unfair and discriminatory.

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