Just Wondering

OK I have a serious question to my Republican friends. I don’t want this to be contentious…I love my party but feel it’s losing its way. Please let’s just give genuine feedback and not bicker about this. Here’s the question:

If Romney wins on Nov 6th and he is the 45th president of the United States and in four years our national debt is approaching the $18-$19 Trillion mark are you going to be as adamant about the national debt being a problem as we are with Obama and the $16 Trillion mark?

I keep hearing people say that the national debt being $16 Trillion as a reason that “O” has to go. Yet at the same time I do not see a plan from Romney that will prevent the debt from growing let alone reversing. I see a plan to slow the rate of the debts growth but it still grows. Isn’t this hypocritical?

Again, it’s just an honest question from a fellow Republican.

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