Flashback: Obama – “I Will Veto Any Bill to Undo Sequestration”

In 2011, immediately after Congress and Obama worked out a deal to continue to push the United States toward financial ruin (by the deal to continue to push us toward financial ruin I simply mean they increased the debt ceiling), the President spoke to reporters and swore that any attempt by Congress to prevent the automatic spending cuts would receive a simply answer from him. NO! “I will veto.”

In 2013 our President has no problem using people in uniform as propts as he delivers a stern warning to Congress and the American people.

What changed? Why the flip? Why the double talk?

Mr. President why in 2011 were the cuts a good idea and you would refuse any attempt to remove them yet now you stand and tell us they are dangerous? What changed your mind? If they were a good idea then why are they not now?

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