Thoughts on Marriage

I finally take a stab at Video Blogging.

As one who supports Constitutional Limited Government and one who holds firm to Traditional Biblical Family Values…what should the government do about Gay Marriage rights? Who defines “Marriage”? Why is the government involved to begin with?

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Flashback: Obama – “I Will Veto Any Bill to Undo Sequestration”

In 2011, immediately after Congress and Obama worked out a deal to continue to push the United States toward financial ruin (by the deal to continue to push us toward financial ruin I simply mean they increased the debt ceiling), the President spoke to reporters and swore that any attempt by Congress to prevent the automatic spending cuts would receive a simply answer from him. NO! “I will veto.”

In 2013 our President has no problem using people in uniform as propts as he delivers a stern warning to Congress and the American people.

What changed? Why the flip? Why the double talk?

Mr. President why in 2011 were the cuts a good idea and you would refuse any attempt to remove them yet now you stand and tell us they are dangerous? What changed your mind? If they were a good idea then why are they not now?

25,375 Is More Than A Number


According to the White Houses’ own numbers by the year 2022 the US Sovereign Debt is going to reach $25,375 Billion! That’s $25.375 Trillion. Read More

Currency War…It has begun?


While most of the American media is focused on the current Gun debate there is news that’s not being reported that should alarm just about everyone…at least anyone with cash in banks. Read More

Job Creation…The Myth

Today is the first Friday of the month. You know what that means, right? The monthly jobs report. So let the scrutiny begin!

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Just Wondering

OK I have a serious question to my Republican friends. I don’t want this to be contentious…I love my party but feel it’s losing its way. Please let’s just give genuine feedback and not bicker about this. Here’s the question: Read More

Promising Status Quo

“My promise is to help you and your family.” – Mitt Romney

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Mandatory Military Service


Should every American have mandatory service time in the United States Military?

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Five Predictions Regardless of November’s Results

Five Predictions for the next four years regardless of who wins in November:
1. The National Debt will be greater than it is today

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Is This Racist?

The AP reports, Today President Obama plans on signing an Executive Order that creates a new office, “African-Americans Education Office.” He announced this initiative in a speech Wednesday night delivered to the National Urban League.

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