For years we have heard, “we are writing checks that our grandchildren are going to have to pay.” Well I AM THE GRANDCHILD. That time is no longer generations away it’s now.

IamTheGrandChild is about looking at the real issues facing America. The issues that most main stream media outlets ignore. Yes gov’t spending is out of control but other Issues like fractional reserve banking, fiat money, un…funded entitlement programs, welfare and warfare statism, inflation, possible hyperinflation, devalued dollar, Federal Reserve (and all central banking) et al that some how fly under the radar but poise serious threats.

We are not arrogant enough to think that our ideas are necessarily worth lauding. What we want to do is create a community of people discussing the real issues. We maybe wrong  at times but we are open to honest discussion.

This is not a partisan blog. It’s NOT about bashing Democrats OR Republicans…it’s about bashing all the Democrats AND the Republicans that promote big gov’t and trample personal liberties and freedom.