Promising Status Quo

“My promise is to help you and your family.” – Mitt Romney

Well sir, with all due respect I don’t want your help. I want to be left alone!

Your help always comes with strings attached I don’t want strings.

Your help comes from the pockets of someone else’s hard work. I respect hard work and don’t want to dishonor their hard work by your promise to help me out.

Your help means larger government interference into the private sector and the personal lives of Americans. I want smaller government that allows the free market to work and Americans to help themselves.

Your help means more government spending. I want less government spending.

Your help means “Repeal and Replace.” I just want the Repeal.

Your help is a handout, program, or bureaucracy. I sir want to help myself.

I would prefer you promise to allow me to help myself and my family by removing government: handouts, bailouts, programs, bureaucracies, departments, regulations, and entitlements. I would have liked you to stand up and have said, “My promise is to get the government out of your way and allow you to determine your family’s future.” And then follow that rhetoric with action.

Statist promise “help”…Freedom promotes responsibility.

“I accept the calling of my generation to give our children the America that was given to us.” – Paul Ryan

You too sir, I don’t want to leave my children the America we were given. I want to leave them the America that our founders set out to establish.

The America we inherited has massive debts.

The America we inherited has centralized monetary policy without any standard to back up the currency.

The America we inherited has an oppressive government.

The America we inherited over regulates businesses

The America we inherited has an immoral tax code.

The America we inherited has a foreign policy dedicated to policing the world.

The America we inherited has laid claim to ownership of my body and determines what I can and cannot put into my own body.

The America we inherited has laid claim to my property and it can be removed from my possession at a moment’s notice.

The America we inherited has laid claim that the fruit of my labor is theirs and I get to keep a percentage of it for my livelihood.

These are NOT things that I want to leave my children. Our fight should not be to leave our children this mess but to leave them with the America that was promised to them in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Anything less is jeopardizing their future. Anything less is dishonorable!

This is the calling of MY generation!

All you that the two of you have promised is Status Quo. - Buy Gold & Silver
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